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Our aim is to embrace every interaction. We will be present and strive toward adding to the life of each person we meet, self embracing living, peak potential learning, haughty laughing and God centered loving. Art allows us to connect to another. That "another" is the one Jesus spoke about when he said "Love one another"

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    About Carol Wilson Accomplished

    Carol Wilson Accomplished's goal is to teach and entertain. Teaching we believe, is a part of art's responsibility. We support artists who commit to their craft, and work diligently in giving quality performances. We will assist them however we can in an effort to encourage and support. All donations are used in the promotion and education of the performers.

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    Live and Learn

    May 29th 2019

    Our education division focus upon the written word. We want to be instrumental in helping every interested person to enhance their quality of life spiritually, physically and mentally. We want to address health issues and the importance of sound health. We want our families to be informed. Our motto: "Live and Learn!"


    "If you say it and believe it you have given life to it, it grows and will be revealed in your life."

    Carol Wilson-Mack

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